C. Deepa, B. Latha


In Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), all sensor nodes are running in the battery backup, need to save the energy of the nodes until the life time of the network. When designing the WSN need to consider the resource constraints such as security and energy efficiency. In this simulation study, an impressive, less energy utilized and potent secure communications method for WSN has been proposed which is known as an extended high energy first (EHEF) method. This is based on hybrid hierarchical and cluster based model, in which every cluster should have cluster head and cluster coordinator node for collecting the data from cluster members and forward it to base station for energy efficiency. Due to the open nature of WSN, easily misbehaving operations can be done by malicious nodes such as injecting false data or snooping the acknowledgment. In this proposed method a trusted authority (TA) in order to solve the evidence based auditing scheme and to provide more security in WSN. In this scheme the evidence is collected by the nodes and it will forward to TA through cluster heads (CHs). TA validate all the evidence and it will eliminate the misbehavior node from the network. The achievement and significance of the proposed method is evaluated in terms of energy utilization and reliable service. From the simulation results, it is found that this system is excellent in energy savings by adopting hard network lifetime scheme among the clusters and also observed that the proposed method increases the network lifetime with 75% of nodes remaining alive when compared to LEACH protocol.

Issue: 06-special issue

Year: 2017

Pages: 1987-1999

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