A Study on Modern Big Data Analytics Tools

Dr.A Suresh, Dr.R. Kumar and Dr.E. Kannan


Data is an essential term in various fields. Without data no industry will operate to the best since every industry is in need of continuous improvements which are based on the analysis of the past data. Information about a certain field that is constantly observed, collected, organized and analyzed for present and future improvements which is known as data analysis. Big data is generally a large collection of data, where the manipulation or analyzing the data is so complex using traditional data mining or data analytics concepts. Hence, a lot of challenging tasks such as data acquisition, data analysis, data searching, data storing, data sharing, data privacy, and data visualization are to be faced in big data analytics using modern big data analytics tools. In this paper, a survey on modern big data analytics tools for providing solutions to the above mentioned challenges is discussed.

Issue: 01-Special Issue

Year: 2018

Pages: 282-285

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