Experimenting with ONOS Scalability on Software Defined Network

Mohammed Sameer and Bhargavi Goswami


In traditional network, a developer cannot change the configuration of a router with software programs to control the behavior of the network switches due to closed vendor specific configuration scripts. In order to make the routers/switches programmable, a new architecture of network has to be developed and this gave rise to Software defined networks. It is the new architecture for Computer Networks in which, the old traditional architecture is slowly depreciated. It is very difficult to adapt new technology especially to decide upon which controller has to be considered and what may be its scalability to compete the dynamic circumstances of networks. Many researches are working on possible solutions and look upon SDN to overcome the traditional network limitations. There are many SDN controllers existing amongst them, some are OpenDaylight, Floodlight, Onos, Ryu, Beacon etc. From the existing multiple controllers serving the SDN services to the network, Onos is one of the Controller. ONOS can be deployed on Docker container and it is accessed using its IP as a host. In this paper, authors are contributing for the evaluation of the Performance to check the Scalability of ONOS controller by taking many scenarios which are experimented on the simulation tool of Mininet, Onos Controller, Docker and iPerf. ONOS Controller‟s simulated environments are observed for its throughput evaluated in dynamic conditions of a network over Mesh topology by gradually increasing the number of hosts until its supported by the system with optimum resource utilization.

Issue: 14-Special Issue

Year: 2018

Pages: 1820 - 1830

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