The Measurement and Analysis of Vibration for Gas Turbine Shaft –Rotor by Using Analytical Methods

A. Yasser Hammady, Ahmed Ali Ajmi and Noor Shakir Mahmood


The paper describes the vibration analysis process of a gas turbine’s shaft, so as to obtain the more sensitive area of the proposed turbine’s shaft and optimize it. The main factors which are affected by making the vibration of the gas turbine shaft are, the vibration of the turbine blades that are appeared based on impacting of flow with the proposed blades and the unbalance movement of the shaft because of the bearing which is used to facilitate the shaft holding in the system. The analytical calculation and numerical simulation are done. The techniques which are used to calculate the vibration effect on the proposed gas turbine shaft are, direct and indirect and Holzer method for torsional vibration calculation. Also, Eigen value problem by using matlab codes are used to obtained natural frequency and mode shapes. . According to the angular displacement result which is obtained based on the simulation, increasing the shaft speed make a bigger deviation which can cause crashes in the system. The aforementioned simulation results corroborate the proposed vibration calculations which are done in this study.

Volume: 10 | Issue: 11

Pages: 381-403

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