A Study of Stress Impact on Physical Health of Bank Employees

Dr. Kamjula Neelima and Prof. M. Ravindar Reddy

This study is an endeavour to focus on the impact of stress on the physical health condition of employees that creates bank staff to decrease the performance at the working environment. Building a well-mannered environment, work culture and making official as wants be decreases and stress. The world has turned into a little city with uncommon advancement of knowledge innovation. Every individual during his environment must assume all around and act mainly. Banks has got to mainly target towards stress connected problems has employee is better at work surroundings then the service deliveries are pretty sensible to the bank customers. Pleasant mind stimulates the effectiveness of the employee on the work. In this light the study made an endeavour to envision the impact of stress on various variables.

Volume 11 | Issue 5

Pages: 118-121