Satisfaction of Teachers in job front of Higher Education: A Reality Check in Private Institutions of Bengaluru

V.R. Srinidhi, Dr.K. Manjunatha, Dr.Y.V. Sheshadri and Prof. A.S. Chandramouli

In today’s changing working conditions, the thinking &expectations of employers towards their employees have undergone transformation. This may impend an urgent need for changes in the work environment, policies and human resource practices among contributing institutions in India, including private/unaided higher education. Studies in the past have revealed that though managements are improving the HR policies over time, yet these policies are not realised well after implementation to reach the requirements and needs of the employees. There is a constant effort towards systemic or transitional changes to bring in a good reward system, factors which help increase the level of motivation and satisfaction of the teachers in order to retain faculties and to attract more talented ones. The performance of teachers play a vital role in modern society, hence it is impending on the part of organizations to ensure financial benefits and to address the emotion-capital of faculties. The main purpose of this conceptual paper is to present insights about the various rewards system, motivational theories and different ways of satisfaction. Information pertaining to the study was collected from various journals, opinions and expectations with teachers.

Volume 11 | Issue 5

Pages: 134-140