A Survey on Financial Sustainable Globalization in the Indian Perspective

Dr.K. Phani Kumar and Harika Putta

Globalization connected the countries and the made echo system very civilized. Through globalization communication among people, organizations, government sectors, trade setting and investment drastically improved with the help of information technology. Even though the world has given a great priority to the globalization still financial sustainability became a core issue. Globalization faced and given solutions to many challenges under its era through intensive business transactions by adapting various technologies. Through globalization some multinational companies increases their marketing internationally. In this paper we focussed on the sustainable globalization by considering various financial factors. In this regard we conducted an abundant survey through various studies and concluded various economic policies which can help very efficiently to deal with the various aspects of monetary proliferation. This work concentrated on what are the various policies for financial sectors to be developed more quality, trade through which countries can avail the benefits of the globalization. However, this analytical study also establishes the association of financial assimilation and economic reformations, is a composite one and that there are inevitable aspects involved in estimating the challenges and advantages linked with financial globalization.

Volume 11 | Issue 5

Pages: 153-157