Potent of Sales-Persons, Impact on the Channel of Distribution in Lighting Industry in Bangalore

T.K. Sateesh Kumar and Dr.S. Guru Basava Aradhya

It’s found in array of literature on the roles, functioning of the sales persons and also illuminates how these are measured on effectiveness of channel of distribution. This study made with objective for better understanding of various variables, and out of which primary factors that could be focused for effectiveness of channel of distribution in lighting industry in Bangalore from the perceptive of intermediaries. This study draws the responses from intermediaries who are pivotal force (opinion leaders) in the market, which could prove more deep understanding for strategizing the channels in the said industry. From the review of literature we streamlined the functions performed for potent of sales persons. Further analysed with vivid using various statistical tools to understand ‘loads (Eigen value)’, hence, prompting with Principal Component Analysis. This study is uses all normative way to analyse of the results reframed pivotal factors, in classifying, draining out insignificant factors. By regrouping based on the ‘array of load’, we come to understand 3 vital ingredients viz., 1) intermediaries appointment criteria 2) sales training& communication 3) concern for cost and needs of intermediaries, and urging to business institutions to opt for better channel strategy. Notwithstanding, the relationship with intermediaries are charismatic in nature, and dynamics of channel strategy would and will be determinant for success of any business organisation.

Volume 11 | Issue 5

Pages: 166-172