Electrical Energy Generation Using Magnetor

M. Raja Nayak, P. Praveen, P. Sai Teja, K. Kishore and J. Sushma

All Ever-increasing in power demand on day to day life with expedient economical consideration is playing vital role. Dc generators are the key machines employ for the power generation using thermal, wind and hydel excitation. It authenticates that, designing of a dc generator in support with thermal, hydel and wind excitation systems shows to spend more investment by proper arrangements. Also, the maintenance of these plants is a tedious process. It is a great challenge to design a generator seeking an alternate way to overcome the above problems such that, it results in an efficient power generator with easy and contemptible. To overcome the above problem, authors are attempted to design a self-running motor whose output gives multiple power output. Magnetor is special type of self-running magnet motor whose single wheel rotor output coupled to different dc generators results in multiple power output. In contrary, Magnetor is easy in design, maintenance and cheap. This paper presents the design of prototype magnetor to generate a power output of 460W. Further, this concept of design may be extended to generate the maximum amount of power generation.

Volume 11 | Issue 5

Pages: 173-176