Perception of Indian Investor towards Investment in Mutual Funds with Special Reference to MIP Funds

Thoufiqulla and Dr.D. Venkatrama Raju

Mutual Funds provide a platform for a common investor to participate in the Indian capital market with professional fund management irrespective of the amount invested. The Indian mutual fund industry is growing rapidly and this is reflected in the increase in Assets under management of various fund houses. Mutual fund investment is less risky than directly investing in stocks and is therefore a safer option for risk averse investors. Monthly Income Plan funds offer monthly returns and invest majorly in debt oriented instruments with little exposure to equity. However it has been observed that most of the investors are not aware of the benefits of investment in mutual funds. This is reflected from the study conducted in this research paper. This paper makes an attempt to identify various factors affecting perception of investors regarding investment in Mutual funds. The findings will help mutual fund companies to identify the areas required for improvement in order to create greater awareness among investors regarding investment in mutual funds.

Volume 11 | Issue 5

Pages: 177-183