Power Signal based Multiple-Access Schemes for 5G and Beyond- Survey and its Challenges

K. Murali and Dr.S. Siva Perumal

The main objective of 5th Gen (5G) Wireless Communication is to provide huge data speed communication in day2day life of users that needs the requirements of IoT and mobile internet. As the number of users increasing drastically, connectivity and spectral utilization is a complex task. Due to this large number of devices are needed to satisfy the traffic requirements. For this reason NOMA schemes are in advanced to provide fastest communication in 5th Gen.For this it should needed to be addressed with effective bandwidth utilization, large number of RF devices and lowlatency. This paper gives brief explanation on MA Schemes, methods and strategies for optimizing NON-OMA.Before going to brief explanation first and furthermost we have to know about Multiple Access Schemes and then detailed discussions on all aspects i.e., type of problems and its corresponding solutions for NON-OMA.We also discuss different decoding methods used in NON-OMA and then finally provide the future research directive.

Volume 11 | Issue 5

Pages: 184-191