Experimental Investigations on Fresh Properties of Binary and Ternary Blended Self Compacting Concrete

B.H. Abdul Razak and Dr.D.L. Venkatesh Babu

Binder-chemical admixture compatibility plays a vital role in deciding the performance of concrete especially in the fresh state. Optimum dosage of chemical admixture is helpful in controlling various fresh properties of Self Compacting Concrete(SCC) and avoiding the problems of segregation and bleeding in blended concrete with mineral admixtures such as Ground granulated Blast Furnace Slag(GGBS) and Alccofine(Ultrafine GGBS). The study focusses on optimization of chemical admixture dosage for binary and ternary blended concrete for the production of SCC. Various combinations of binary blended concrete and ternary blended concrete along with control mix(only OPC) are tested for workability properties for passing ability, filling ability and and resistance to segregation(V-Funnel Time). It was observed that concrete containing higher GGBS required lesser dosage of chemical admixture for satisfying workability properties as per EFNAARC guidelines. Alccofinewas added at 5% to compensate for hardened properties.

Volume 11 | Issue 5

Pages: 199-205