A Study on the Effect of Social Media Factors on Product Innovation Through Business Performance

Sreenivasan Jayashree,ChinnasamyAgamudainambi,BentolhodaAbdollahbeigi,Farhang Salehi

Social media has a great influence on the domestic and global business development and manages the new products. Organizations can utilize the social media platforms for carrying their messages as well as for promoting them to the market. Malaysia tops the region in terms of utilizing social media channels for reading comments made by others regarding their brands, services or products with nearly 94 percent Innovation plays a significant role in helping business to attain a sustainable competitive edge, especially in developing countries such as Malaysia, where industrial growth has become an integral part of the economic development. Despite the importance of social media, the dimensions and their synergistic role in ensuring product innovation and organizational performance in Malaysian manufacturing industries are yet to be explored and established. Hence in this study this problem will be addressed by producing a comprehensive model within Malaysian content. This research identifies the dimensions for the proposed model for social media, product innovation and business performance. This study is important mainly because of the fact that social media is gaining considerable attention in the research field as well as in the business world with considerable significance. A significant contribution of this research is identified the factors of social media, and product innovation will help to achieve business performance. Another significant contribution of this study is the construction of a theoretically based model which assimilates the determinants of social media, product innovation and business performance.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 2318-2324