An Effective Mapping of Competencies for Sustainable Growth

Thaya Madhavi and Rajesh Mehrotra

In the Human Resource arena, Human Resource Management plays a vital role which interconnects people and organizations under one roof to achieve set goals in business. Human Resource also provides an impetus in the assessment of different competencies required of stakeholders to accomplish their role of performance in discharging their duties and do justice to their jobs in an organization. In this regard competency mapping is an appropriate tool to promote competencies among employees through various means of levels of performance at individual as well as team level so that they would be benefitted to uplift the image of the organization apart from their own efficiency in the field of work. In the high technology based competitive world, business organizations need to take competitive advantage of efficient man power to train and install them in their respective positions for which implementation of competency mapping has been considered as a bear necessity and the required essential element by Human Resource practitioners. The paper aims to study various competencies required of the employees in the form of knowledge, skills, behavior, and attitude. In these fields of interpretation the workers have to be sufficiently trained and bring them under the shelter of one umbrella to meet the required talents for the sustained growth of the organization.

Volume 11 | 07-Special Issue

Pages: 49-56