Concurrent or Simultaneous Engineering the Way to Development

Gabriela IOSIF, Iulian IORDACHE and George SUCIU

The future growth of the competitiveness of all European companies will be closely linked to their ability to create innovative products. The customer requirements, which are increasingly growing, generate a necessary need for managing product development processes. Product development processes need to be more efficient and effective in the sense of reduced complexity, focusing more on competence. These processes need to be more flexible than changing requirements. One of the key concepts that meet these challenges is Concurrent or Simultaneous Engineering. According European Space Agency "Concurrent Engineering is a systematic approach to integrated product development that emphasizes the response which must situate at the customer expectations level. It incorporates the values of teamwork, trust and sharing in such a way that the decision-making process is consensual, involving the consideration of all perspectives, in parallel, from the start of the product life cycle."

Volume 11 | 07-Special Issue

Pages: 70-77