An Allusive Study of Non-performing Assets in Private and Public Sector Banks in India

Dr. Megha Sharma

The investigation distinguishes and examines the causes that influence Non-Performing Assets, obstructs its compelling recognition, and suggest therapeutic measures. The non-performing resource is a vital pointer of the development and security of the financial segment in India. Open Sector Banks are genuinely influenced by Non-Performing Assets in contrast with its private segment banks according to Reserve Bank of India reports. The banks chose for this examination work are having higher Non-Performing Assets and are top banks in their segment. The judgment testing was utilized to gather the required data from the centre dimension chiefs who have a comprehension of the subject and its effect. An endeavour was made through this examination work to discover the reasons for Non-Performing advances by thinking about a lot of 50 factors and give the essential measures. Factual apparatus SPSS is utilized to run the Factor investigation test. Sectoral incongruities in the Non-Performing Assets proportion to progress out in the open and private division banks were the principal wellspring of inspiration to break down and look at elements influencing Non-Performing resources of open and private part banks in India. Non-Performing Assets is a significant issue for the Indian financial part that affects their budgetary presentation. The Non-Performing Assets s level in open division banks is moderately higher. Non-Performing Assets should be diminished so as to improve the budgetary presentation of banks.

Volume 11 | 07-Special Issue

Pages: 200-205