Secure Intelligence Model for Big Data Security

Dr.K. Seshadri Ramana, K. Bala Chowdappa and V. Suresh

Now a day's big data plays a vital role in several organizations like medical, educational, banking and e-commerce, etc. Due to the velocity, variety, and volume of big data, security and privacy issues are magnified, while storing, sharing and analyzing which results in the data leakage or misuses the sensitive data. Sensitivities around big data security and privacy are a hurdle that organizations need to overcome. This paper analyses the current data security in big data and its feasibilities and difficulties. Furthermore, in this paper, we also introduced security intelligence model which enhance security. This research aims to summarize, organize and classify the information iavailable in the literature to identify any gaps in current research and suggest areas for scholars and security researchers for further exploration.

Volume 11 | 07-Special Issue

Pages: 206-216