Marketing of Ayurveda Medicines with Reference to Tumkur District, Karnataka State

Mitta Sekhara Gowd and Dr.D. Venkatrama Raju

Ayurveda Medicines and treatment is the historical Indian medical system of treatment and health care. Charaka Samhita written by Master Charaka, Sushruta Samhita written by Master Sushruta. Sushruta’s work emphasizes more on surgical practices of Ayurveda and Charka’s work on medicinal practice of Ayurveda. It was written in between the period of 900 BCE – 700 BCE. In ancient days in the kingdoms Raja vaidyas were there to attend the diseases and wellbeing of kings through Ayurveda. At war times for injured soldiers used to treat by Ayurveda Medicines. Ayurveda is a medical system that deals with body, mind and spirit also. Now a days new diseases are coming and making the people to suffer and causing life risk. As the diseases are new, there will not be any medicine or treatment when attacked. Life threating diseases like cancer, heart attack and new viral fever taking lives of people without their knowledge. Ayurveda is having more than 5000 years of history and treating challenging diseases even though it is not reaching to the people. People are showing more affinity towards allopathy for its packing system, immediate results and intensive advertisements. This paper tries to study the marketing and acceptance of Ayurveda Medicines in Tumkur District, Karnataka state, India.

Volume 11 | Issue 6

Pages: 7-10