Cu/Water Heat Transfer Enhancement of a Semi-circular Impingement Jet

Zaid S. Kareem, Ammar F. Abdul Wahid and Hyder H. Abd Balla

A solo passive technique of heat transfer enhancement represented by nanoparticle additives was adopted in this study due to the prominent field of nanofluid technology. Exploration the effect of such important nanofluid technology prompted toward the conduction of current experimental tests using Cu/water nanofluid. A single semi-circular jet was used for Reynold number range of (200-1000) with nozzle-to-jet Distance (Z) varied from 20-35 cm. The obtained outcomes show the potential of Cu/water nanofluid to improve the heat transfer remarkably. Such enhancement increase as both Reynold number and volume fraction increase. On the other hand, the Nozzle-to-target plate distance has the dominant effect over the volume fraction effect. The results showed a remarkable enhancement of Nusselt number at Reynold number of 1000. It was also concluded that the Cu/water nanofluid has good features in enhancement of heat, easy preparation and has good stability.

Volume 11 | Issue 6

Pages: 11-16