Utilization of PV STATCOM to Improve Power Quality in Smart Grid

Ch. Santosh Kumar and S. Tara Kalyani

In modern power systems mainly in distribution side, power quality is the main factor to be considered to protect sensitive loads. Connecting statcom at distribution side increases the quality of current waveform and thereby improves the power factor. Due to significant increase in size and capacity of the PV power plants, using PV arrays at dc side of the statcom as energy source increase the range of reactive power to be compensated by it. Flexibility and efficiency of PV modules is improved by using cascaded H Bridge (CHB) multilevel topologies. This paper deals with cascaded H bridge multilevel inverter based PV statcom for reactive power compensation and harmonics reduction is presented. Synchronous reference frame (SRF) theory is adapted to generate modulation indices for H Bridge switching. Average DC voltage of H bridges is controlled by PI controller, fuzzy and Particle Swam Optimization (PSO). Simulation results are presented using MATLAB/SIMULINK to verify the feasibility of the proposed approach.

Volume 11 | Issue 6

Pages: 103-113