Energy Storage System in Grid-connected Inverter for a Battery with Bidirectional Single-stage

Balapanur Mouli Chandra and Nuthalapati Sai Kumar

The main objective of this paper is for the battery energy storage system to propose a bidirectional single-stage grid-connected inverter (BSG inverter). This is composed of multiple bidirectional buck–boost type dc–dc converters (BBCs) and a dc–ac unfolder. single-stage power conversion, low battery and dc-bus voltages, pulsating charging/discharging currents, and individual power control for each battery module are the advantages of the proposed BSG-inverter include:. Therefore, the equalization, lifetime extension, and capacity flexibility of the battery energy storage system can be achieved. Based on the developed equations, the power flow of the battery system can be controlled without the need of input current sensor. Also, with the interleaved operation between BBCs, the current ripple of the output inductor can be reduced too. The computer simulations and hardware experimental results are shown to verify the performance of the proposed BSG-inverter.

Volume 11 | Issue 6

Pages: 123-129