Mobility Concerned Accurate Node Localisation Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network

Ch.V. Swarna Kumari and Dr. Venkatesulu Dondeti

Mobile Wireless network is a kind of network with number of wireless mobile nodes without any infrastructure to perform data communication between different locations. Data communication through wireless infrastructure would be more difficult task due to frequent node failures which might occur due to node movement or network issues. It can be avoided by predicting the node failures previously to increase packet delivery ratio. Successful data communication can be ensured by predicting the malicious nodes location. This is performed successfully by introducing the method namely Malicious Node Detection Algorithm (MNDA). However this research technique cannot predict the location of malicious nodes with the presence of nodes outside the transmission range. This is focused and resolved in this research work by introducing the method namely Transmission Range concerned Node Localization algorithm (TRNLA). In this research work, initially nodes are clustered together with the concern of transmission range. Thus the single node left outside of transmission range can be clustered together. From this cluster of nodes, malicious node localization is performed with the help of information gathered from the nodes that are present within the cluster. The general usage of this examination work is directed in the NS2 reproduction condition from which it is demonstrated that the proposed research method can upgrade the presentation result as far as precise pernicious hub location and expanded packet delivery ratio.

Volume 11 | Issue 6

Pages: 139-145