Cloud Service Composition Strategies: Contemporary Affirmation of Recent Literature

K.K. Nikhil and Dr. Anjali Mathur

The feature “software as a service (SaaS)” is one among the crucial features of cloud platform, which enables the target audience to adapt a software module as service to accomplish the required task. However, a task may not be accomplished by single software module that is available as a service on cloud platform. This is since, a target task often be a set of dependent or independent subtasks. Hence, it is obvious to compose the set of software modules available as cloud services, which correlates with the corresponding set of sub tasks. For a given task, the software module as cloud service can be provided by multiple cloud platforms, which are often diversified by the priorities of vivid quality of service factors. This argument enlightening the scope of composition strategies, which aims to compose the available software modules as cloud services under vivid quality of service priorities of the target audience. This manuscript portrayed the nomenclature of the cloud service composition, alongside a brief review of contemporary cloud composition techniques contributed in literature of the recent past.

Volume 11 | Issue 6

Pages: 150-160