Electrical Power System Transmission Line Design by Using HPFC in Restructured Power System

I. Luke John Baktha Singh, I. Sobha Rani, P. Mahamood Khan and A. Sai Anusha

Day by day the power system is changed to satisfy the customer needs and to supply the power at least cost as the major object. In this process, many recommendations are given to the power system. The major recommendation is the use of power electronics devices in power system. These power electronics devices can control the power at desired level and convert electrical power as per the requirements. The power system is also restructured in many ways to fulfill the requirements of the consumer. This paper focusesthe restructured power system, in which the voltage magnitude of the load bus has to be maintained constant. The Hybrid Power Flow Controller (HPFC) is used in the transmission line to control the power in the view of voltage magnitude, voltage phase and hence the transmission line loss. When HPFC controller is used, the respective power transmission line loss reduced to zero and voltage magnitude of the load bus is maintained as per the requirement i.e. load bus may be act as generator. The IEEE-14 bus system is taken as example to describe the above.

Volume 11 | 01-Special Issue

Pages: 905-910