New Cryptographic Method based on Novel ICA

Dheeraj Tandon, Dr. Deepak Kumar Singh and Dr. Harsh Dev

Image cryptography plays a very important role in transmission of confidential images over internet. In my research work I am generating the key Image to give input in Arnold’s Cap Map (ACM) algorithm, by Pseudo Random Number Generation (PRNG), key images generating algorithm and with the help of the input seed. So there is no need to transfer the key image at the receiver end for decryption process we can transfer only seed value by any channel at the receiver end, user at receiver end can generate that key image by using the seed. We can also generate the different or same size key image of that we are going to send through encryption by using my method. Mypaperbased on Novel ICA( ICASGG)and arnold cat-map algorithm. Our first aim is to improve the cryptography i.e. encrypted image is not easily decrypted by intruders by the cryptanalysis as well as decrypted image quality is also best. My algorithm that is based on ICASGG[5]a nd arnoldcat-map algorithm is also improves the decrypted image quality.

Volume 11 | Issue 6

Pages: 206-212