Application of Henry Garrett Ranking Method to Determine Dominant Factors Influencing Smartphone Purchase Decisions of Customers

Sama Hanumantha Rao, Sripathi Kalvakolanu, Uday Kiran Sarma and K.S. Venkateswara Kumar

In this paper, we attempted to examinethe dominating factors influencing a customer’s purchase decision while buying a smartphone. New digital channels are replacing the greater traditional ones. Mobile devices represent the latest improvement in electronic service distribution. Smartphones with many new features and from many new brands are entering the market within no time. A well-structured questionnaire is designed to collect the responses from smartphone users. The present article examines the features influencing the purchase decision ofcustomers. In this study, Henry Garrett ranking method is applied to analyse the importance given by the customers to the features present in the smartphones. The results have shown that certain features in mobiles such as camera, RAM, battery capacity are the most influencing factors to purchase a smartphone and customers have rankediphoneas the best mobile.

Volume 11 | Issue 6

Pages: 213-218