Applying Fuzzy Logic to Measure Analytical Competencies of HR Professionals

Sripathi Kalvakolanu, Chendragiri Madhavaiah and Sama Hanumantharao

Organizations are compelled to make use of HR analytics as it offers competitive edge. To realize the benefits of HR analytics, HR professionals with analytical skills should be available in considerable number in organizations. Lack of analytical capabilities among HR professionals has been a significant draw back for the growth and adoption of HR analytics. It is difficult to measure the analytical competencies exactly. While assessing competencies several models are adapted based on the purpose and availability of resources. In present study, an attempt is made to understand how non-traditional methods such as a fuzzy logic can be useful in assessing competencies. The present study attempts to apply fuzzy logic approach to assess the analytical competencies of HR professionals. A 20-item self-assessment rating scale for analytical competencies was served to HR professionals. An algorithm suitable to apply fuzzy logic was developed. Using triangular fuzzy number approach, the analytical competencies were ranked after defuzzification.

Volume 11 | Issue 6

Pages: 219-224