Corrosion Behaviour of Magnesium-Hydroxyapatite Composite in Simulated Body Fluid

R. Rejikumar and M. Sivapragash

Magnesium alloy and Magnesium-Hydroxyapatite composites of various Hydroxyapatite contents from 2-10wt% were fabricated by powder metallurgy method. Microstructural evolution was investigated by scanning electron microscope. The corrosion study was carried out by immersion test in simulated body fluidat 370C for 7 days. The result revealed that the corrosion rate of Magnesium - Hydroxyapatite composites were higher than that of Magnesium alloy, also rate of corrosion was raised with increasing HAP content upto8wt% with 12.73mg/cm2day. From the scanning electron microscope image it was identified that a white insoluble layer was developed in the surface and deeper cracks were found in ZK30/8wt% Hydroxyapatite sample.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 734-738