A Study on the Influence of Social Media Characteristics towards Online Purchase Intention among College Students

N. Meena Zenith and R. Radhika

Social media is the ground in which social networks management happens and it has changed the manner by which buyers gather information and decide on purchasing choices. This research aims to examine the relation between social media characteristics and purchase intention and the influence of social media characteristics towards intention to purchase among the college students of Tamilnadu, India.About 120 questionnaires were composed. Statistical Package for the Social Sciences version 23was used for data examination. Analytical tools used are multiple correlation and multiple regression. Findings of this research has discovered that Openness is the most important social media characteristic which determine and influence towards purchase intention and conservation has the least impact on purchase intention. Findings of this research will provide the online marketers a better understanding about the major and least social media characteristic and the way it influences the purchasing intention.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 744-750