Retrospective Study on Weld Bead Profile Study of Various Welding Process

P. Jerold Jose, M. Dev Anand and Shibu Rishad

In today’s scenario of manufacturing industries, quality is the very important criteria to become a successful manufacturer. In the area of the manufacturing welding process turn in to more popular. The Welding Processes are advanced remarkably for the past twenty years from basic welding process to advanced welding process like laser beam welding. As the need of stringent applications like nuclear industries and aerospace applications, welding technology is being developed to fulfil the requirement of the industries. The quality of the welding is mostly determined by mechanical properties of weldmetal and heat affected zone (HAZ). The mechanical property of the weld joint is influenced by weld bead profile dimensions. The objective of this article is, to present a concise scheme about the research works submitted in the past, on bead profile study for different welding process by various researchers. It may give the guideline to the young researchers to continue their research on bead profile study in the future.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 827-831