Understanding Fresher’s Perspective on Business Analytics as a Necessary Tool for Employability

Dr. Vijit Chaturvedi, Natasha Tageja, Divya Sethi and Gp Capt Vinod

With the advancement in technology and the growth in business world, the way things take place has changed, the way it functions, processes, procedure, etc. everyone who is willing or looking for job, must update his/her skill sets, knowledge, etc. but most importantly must have analytical brain or understanding for information. The candidate must be able to make sense of the data. The aim of this study is knowing the Fresher’s perspective on Business Analytics as a necessary tool for effective employability. The study aimed at assessing the awareness level of students about significant role of Business Analytics on Employability. The data was collected with self -developed and administered questionnaire. The findings of the study reveal that all the selected dimensions that affect employability in context to Business analytics are positively correlated. The selected dimensions included-Quality, Futuristic Outlook, Part of curriculum, Awareness, Need of Business Analytics. It was also found after regression analysis that out of different selected dimensions Futuristic outlook, Need and Quality of the course mattered most that affected the employability. It was also found that lack of resources, infrastructure and pre-conceived notions were important factors that affected the learning. Thus, it is evident to note that with increasing demand of efficient and techno-savvy enabled leadership that is required , such courses will help in building an edge and will strengthen the competitiveness of and Organisation making them more strategically and outcome centric.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 904-911