Participation of Muslim Women in LOK Sabha Since 1952

Mabrur Ahmed and Dr. Neelam Pandey

Political support might be a one's duty to society. Teaming up inside the social gathering will fluctuates, from pick in races, to holding a solid footing as a lawgiver or a choose, to being a head of state. For everything about job of Muslim history gives models to women. In governmental issues not an exclusively that men are overwhelming in numbers anyway conjointly in standpoint tyrant, restrictive and threat. Past couple of decades have seen that political support has taken totally various structures in various nations not because of changes in inside political framework, anyway conjointly on account of the worldwide situation by and large. The Muslim ladies in the political point of view of India aren't an exemption case. The ladies have been allowed 17% singes at the government and common dimension and 33% at the experts. The point of the paper contemplates the Muslim ladies cooperation in governmental issues in India. The examination paper utilizes the elucidating technique for study. The discoveries in the paper is the Muslim cooperation in legislative issues are less because of the religious control. The paper finishes up the Muslim ladies ought to by their religion to be part of job in legislative issues.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 969-974