Design of Power and Noise Efficient Instrumentation Amplifier for ECG Signal Acquisition Systems

Bala Dastagiri Nadhindla and Hari Kishore Kakarla

One of the key elements of an ECG recording system is the instrumentation amplifier (IA). For the first time in the analog chain, the ECG signal from the human body was processed, defining certain major ECG system specifications, such as the noise and CMRR. With the extremely low ECG bandwidth, a fully integrated ECG recording system is also difficult to achieve. A fully integrated IA topology, achieving low noise levels and low dissipation power, is introduced in this work. A power amplifier (OTA), which results in an low overall power consumption, is the only active power consumption block in the IA. The suggested IA is equipped with an embedded 1,21 ╬╝Vrms bandwidth noise at 1.5V supply voltage.

Volume 11 | Issue 3

Pages: 75-80