Fast and Efficient Data Collection for Secure Route Communication based on Neighborhood Selection in Wireless Sensor Network

S. Ponnarasi and Dr.T. Rajendran

Wireless Sensor Networks are spatially circulated autonomous sensor networks that can detect physical or natural attributes, for example, temperature, sound, weight, and vitality so on. Wireless sensor network has a secure connection to physical condition. Also, it utilized in a wide variety of utilization. The development of information technology has opened the gate for node position based service-oriented architecture, which has more impact on sensor networks. In this work, consider Node Position-Based Neighborhood Selection method for better and safe routing in a wireless sensor network. The lists of sensor nodes identified according to their movement and location, which can use for data transmission. Similarly, the sink node position is identified by grouping the sink node and by estimating the density of nodes around its area. According to the location, the sink node position has classified. We prescribe a work of a novel approach for the arrangement of reserve node to enhance the introduction of the situation based data collection and neighbor node protection strategy. At first, the work rule based on data synchronization is connected to limit the energy utilization. The time of the data table obtained from the corresponding sensor node generated by mapping the detected event to the time pulse, which dynamically stored in the vector measurement. Based on top of the result of combining density opinion system, a few nodes will be chosen using a multi-characteristic carrier assortment system to uphold the secure routing. The proposed method produces efficient results in neighbor node maintenance and reduces the time complexity introduced by the node.

Volume 11 | Issue 8

Pages: 160-167