Novel Design and Miniaturization of Wearable Patch Antenna Using DGS for Biomedical Applications

P. Krishna Chaitanya and Dr.M. Patchiyannan

This article brings out the innovative wearable patch antenna (WPA)for 1.4 GHz and 2.4 GHz ISM band applications. This new WPA antenna uses suitable loading of a rectangular slots in a meandering fashion and used L- shaped defective ground structure (DGS) on the ground surface. The design is simple, compact, and by using textile material we can easily manufacture. The WPA size is 90%smaller than a basic patch antenna. The performance of the antenna is working on ISM band, it is perfectly suitable for biomedical applications. The novel WPA antenna dimensions are25x15x1mm3 and demonstrates with efficiency 91%, this shows capable to incorporate in wearable designs.

Volume 11 | Issue 8

Pages: 177-181