Weight based Approach for Improving the Accuracy of Relationship in Social Network

A. Rohini and T. Sudalai Muthu

The Social Network provides collaboration and interaction between the users. The Graph is used to represent the collaboration and Interaction of the nodes in the Social Network. In which, the vertices represent nodes (N) and links represents Edges (E) between the nodes. The weight of the link denotes the strength of the relationship between pair of nodes. The prediction of the association of the nodes is highly challengeable due to the dynamic nature of connectivity in the network. The extraction of the knowledge from the connected links is depends on the behavior of the nodes and it is to be quantified, an appropriately to determine the strength of the connectivity between any two nodes. A weight based optimal algorithm is proposed to determine the strength of the links and find the strong ties in the network. The weight values (W) is used for predicting the closeness of the nodes. A data set consists of 10,000 Facebook posts have been used for the experiments. The experimental results are drawn and analyzed. The results showed that the proposed weight based algorithm is able to yield 98.7% accuracy in finding the strong ties in the given network

Volume 11 | Issue 8

Pages: 188-192