A Review of MPPT Techniques for Harvesting Maximum Power from SPV System in Partial Shaded Conditions

I.Rahul and Dr.R. Hariharan

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) plays a vital role in extracting the maximum power from the PV system. The problems arise with these algorithms when they are operated with enormous environmental challenges such as fluctuating irradiance, partial shading and also rise of temperature during tracking process. Partial shaded condition reduces the power generated and creates hotspot problems which lead to breakdown of shaded modules. For tracking, there are many efficient techniques used to track only global peaks rather than local peaks. This paper mainly focuses on the review on the study of different tracking algorithms and on advancement of global maximum power point(GMPPT) techniques of PV system exposed to Partial Shaded Conditions(PSC), as it guides the designers to choose a better algorithm for PSC as well it serves as a manoeuvre for researchers to work on PV field. A detailed study with classification of groups and comparison tables are provided.

Volume 11 | Issue 8

Pages: 31-37