New Analysis of Video Encoding/Decoding Using EWT and Combination of H. 264/AVC and USPIHT

S.S. Nithin and Dr.L. Padma Suresh

In the present days, the central part of the transmission media is video coding. Now video coding contains lot of applications. The main application of our approach is to reduce the storage size and get easy transmission. The process of this video coding is proceeding by using empirical wavelet transform. The encoding process contains secure and the reconstruction process contains reverse process. In our approach, the video coding processing is done by reducing bit rate. The proposed approach contains basically three methods. First approach is the video coding of EWT and H.264 coding, Second approach is the video coding of EWT and USPIHT coding. Last approach is the video coding using EWT and the combination of H.264 and updated SPIHT coding. The histogram based contrast enhancement (HBCE) is used for image enhancement in the reconstruction process. The output of our proposed approach shows better results and is very reliable.

Volume 11 | Issue 8

Pages: 38-41