Finding Optimal Solution for Transportation Problems by Using Least Minimum Cost Method

T. Geetha and N. Anandhi

In this paper, a new algorithm is proposed to find an optimum solution for the transportation problems. The main objective of transportation problem is to minimize the cost (or) the time of transportation. For obtaining an optimal solution for transportation problems it was required to solve the problem into two stages. In first stage the Initial Basic Feasible Solution (IBFS) was obtained by opting any of the available conventional methods then in the next and last stage MODI (Modified Distribution) method was adopted to get an optimal solution. In this article a new method named Least Minimum cost Method (LMCM) is proposed for finding an optimal solution for transportation problems, directly. The method is also illustrated with numerical examples the most attractive feature of this method is that it requires very simple arithmetical and logical calculation. It is very easy to understand and use.

Volume 11 | Issue 8

Pages: 65-73