Analysis and Implementation of Three and Two Switch Inter-Leaved Forward Converters

R. Lakshmi and K. Karunanithi

In this work the DC-DC forward converter is proposed. The forward converter system nonlinear dynamic performance is present, as it works in switch-mode. Besides, it is revealed to significant inequality which may take this system during the nominal conditions, due to fluctuations on the load or on the line voltage at the input. Traditional converters like, boost converters, switched- inductor converters, switched -capacitor converters etc. are restricted because of at most duty cycle (unity)An isolated converter like flyback converter, push-pull converter, forward converter and bridge converters solves, reverse recovery problem at the switches, greater conduction losses and great extent electromagnetic interference, where fundamentally transformer is introduced to improve the voltage and also it gives the benefits of supplying power to various loads, therefore it is further acceptable for different DC power applications. Examination at open control of the suggested converters are described in this work and we investigate the equations of a forward converter and propose a design for components and also simulated two and three switches forward converter. The suggested converter (FC) has been verified theoretically by simulating it in MATLAB Simulink.

Volume 11 | Issue 8

Pages: 78-85