Flexible Route based Congestion Avoidance for Qos Development in Mobile Ad Hoc Network

S.J. Sangeetha and Dr.T. Rajendran

A Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET)is gathering information of mobile nodes connect through the wireless connection. This kind of system is challenging to realize in difficult places to build and maintain a network foundation. MANET's adaptive, resourceful, and needs two more properties. However, in the meantime, they are trying to find ways to get their nodes. Routing is an essential part of an advanced mobile network. These have a lot of loads on the nodes with low handling capabilities, and there is no way to share the load and the direction of completing the operation remains the same. Network connectivity has many implications, such as network traffic. So, we consider the Flexible Route Based Congestion Avoidance (FRBCA) algorithm for better routing in the wireless network. The different ways of realizing necessary most energy use and remaining energy control are chosen and set aside at the source. The network node working continuously information sent to the node that time node energy insistence reduced and its network performance also reduce. So, the data is transmitted from the source to the destination using a multipath transmission. In this paper, one-way counter placed on each node. It acknowledged that if the path of a node exceeds the counter edge, it will cause further conflict and therefore, congestion. The systems proposed in this exam work can combine with a scenario including high portability of nodes and the continuous occurrence of traffic on the network. The proposed algorithm improves QoS parameters there are performance, energy consumption, and network lifetime and packet delivery rate.

Volume 11 | Issue 8

Pages: 151-159