A Study on Significance of Cashback Offered by Online Companies and Its Impact on Customer Preferences in Online Purchases

Alex Nero, Dr. Sreedhara Raman

The emergence of e-commerce is redefining the entire business process across the word. This mode of doing business is presently being used in every industry and sale of all products. The retail industry has seen the major shift towards e commerce business model. With more and more customers opting for online purchases, a number of companies have entered into this sector. This had led to extreme competition in the market. The companies compete each other fiercely with sharp marketing tactics. The price based sales strategy is the one that attracts the customers more. The research study is being done to understand the significance of the cashback strategy used by online companies to generate more sales. The study will try to analyse the perception of the customers towards cashbacks and what are the factors related to cashbacks that attracts them. The findings will help the online companies in designing the best cashback model. The study has been carried out in Bangalore as it is one of the leading locations for online business.

Volume 11 | 06-Special Issue

Pages: 1808-1815