Intrusion Detection Methods for Secure Data Communication Using Efficient Crossover Design Technique

Ch. Nagamani and Dr. Suneetha Chittineni

An intrusion detection framework is utilized to recognize a few sorts of malicious practices that can bargain the security and trust of a PC framework. The Intrusion Detection framework distinguishes system attacks against ineffective administrations, information driven attacks on applications based attacks for example, strength improvement, unapproved logins and access to sensitive documents and different kinds of attacks. It works either at the host level or at the system level utilizing either intrusion or mark based detection or irregularity detection. In this work, an Efficient Crossover Design (ECD) is proposed to incorporate recognition procedures just as levels of intrusion detection framework which maps the cross over features of different nodes for detecting intrusions quickly and accurately. For this reason, information mining methodologies, for example, characterization and grouping calculations have been proposed and executed for feature determination, intrusion recognition and irregularity identification.

Volume 11 | Issue 9

Pages: 62-70

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V11I9/20192875