Perception Of Farmers In Langa Leso Village Towards Subsidies

Christina Jeane Tandirerung, Chalarce Totanan, Yuldi Mile, Marsuddin, Natalia Paranoan

This study aims to find farmers perceptions and assess awareness towards the subsidies provided by the government. Increasing the amount of rice consumption in Indonesia causes the need for rice increase. This has a negative impact on the amount of domestic rice supply that cannot be denied. One of the government's efforts to increase the level of rice consumption is a varied pattern of food consumption. The development of subsidy policies for farmers from the government considers various community patterns in obtaining the subsidies. These makea differences in farmers' perceptions about subsidies that are in accordance with their farming needs. The method in this research is phenomenology with purposive sampling technique to determine informants. The site of the research was Langaleso Village, Dolo Subdistrict, Sigi Regency. The results showed that subsidies affect farmer’s behavior. When subsidies are given, the head of the family will use as many names as possible to obtain a large amount of fertilizer (urea). If the subsidy is removed, the informant says that it doesn't matter as long as the price of grain is raised

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 2308-2314