The Principle Of Justice In Social Security Law

Nataliya Anatolyevna Baieva,Tatyana Fedorovna Vysheslavova, Svetlana Alekseevna Lukinova, Valentina Ivanovna Mineeva, Igor Evgenevich Nelgovsky

The article analyzes the implementation of the principle of justice in an independent branch of law –social security law. The authors consider constitutional and legal guarantees for the distribution of social benefits on an equitable basis. Attention is drawn to a reasonable differentiation in social security lawwhen redistributing the gross social product.The authors disclose the social and legal significance of social justice of social security using the example of pension legal relations. The article mentions systemic problems of legal policy in the field of social security and the reforms in the Russian pension system.A special place in the publication is given to the analysis of derogation or restriction of social consumption for certain categories of citizens, reduction of constitutional guarantees of the participants in pension legal relations. In addition, the authors give sufficient attention to judicial practice in implementing the principle of justice, where this principle gives way to judicial discretion. The article reveals the problems of changes in social legislation and substantiates proposals for overcoming them.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 2754-2759