The Resurgence of Islamic Populist: Purification Understanding of Usury Banking in X-Banker Community-Indonesia

Nurjannah Septyanun, Khudzaifah Dimyati, Bambang Setiaji, Mu’inudillah Basri

This article analyses facts about the community of former bank workers (x-banker), who migrated from both Indonesian conventional banks and Islamic banks. The hijra is a purification movement for understanding usury banking as a reaction to the failure of constructing sharia principles in institutions, contracts, and banking transactions. Some critical law studies carried out by many scientists conclude that robbery still happens in Islamic banking. This study used the prophetic paradigm with an integrated approach of integration-interconnection model of Loay Safi, through textual and socio-historical inference in the x-banker community. Moreover, the x-banker community believes that the enforcement of sharia rules in banking operations in an absolute way should be done. However, this has not been supported by the banking system and the existence of dualism paradigm as a consequence of the dual banking system that is still being implemented. Meanwhile, x-banker community is a part of the Islamic populist which textually and contextually understands and runs the Islamic economic cycle in a pure (Kaffah) way. Therefore, the preference of doing hijra or resign of work occurs as a form of understanding of usury banking implementation. This is a process of textual and socialhistorical inference that they obtain and do. This phenomenon is a new flow of the Islamic populist rising in Indonesia especially in the economic field. It influences the paradigm of the Indonesian Islamic financial system in the future even though its movement always get pressure from the opposite ideas and missions.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 2760-2769