The World Anti-Doping Code as the Legal Basis for Countering Doping in Sports

Yana AndreevnaYanishevkaya

Relevance.The significance of this analysis is determined, first, from the continuing scientific talks as well as the absence of consensus about thecharacter and part of this World Anti-Doping Code because the legal foundation for countering doping in contemporary sports and, secondly, from the conclusion of issues andrationale of the answers concerning improving the potency of counteringdoping in athletics. Goal. The function of the guide is to create a more practical and lawful strategy thatdefines the location, targets and aims of this World Anti-Doping Code because thelegal foundation for countering doping in athletics. Procedures. The top method of exploring the issue was that the deductive approach, which enabled analyzing the essence of this World Anti-DopingCode. The top method used to address the dilemma is connected to the analysis of the legal foundation for the execution of the chief conditions of this World Anti-Doping Code. Outcomes. There port demonstrates that the theoretical unsolvability of the issue of discovering steps to offset doping in athletics. The practical importance of the outcomes is regarding the simple fact that anti-doping policies will need to change their attention frompunitive steps to avoidance. The issue cannot be solved untilassociations for the instruction of athletes present courses regarding sports conduct integrity into mandatory instruction and instructional programs such as athletes.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 2774-2777