Consumer Engagement Towards Travel Websites And Purchase Intentions

Dr. Anubha, Dr. Ajay Jain, Mahesh Hooda

The present study tries to find out the impact of travel websites features on online consumer engagement. The study also examines the impact of online consumer engagement on the purchase intentions of customers who visit travel websites before making any travel decision.The current study uses CFA (Confirmatory Factor Analysis and SEM (Structural Equation Modelling) to access the hypothesized model. Responses have been collected from 339 customers who are habitual of visiting various travel websites before they make any purchase intention to purchase travel.The study confirms that various features of travel websites like perceived information quality and interactivity have significant impact on consumer engagement. The study also reveals that online consumer engagement has a significant impact on purchase intentions to travel.The present study has important inferences for travel companies in the era of web2.0 where customers have access to websites of various travel companies at the click of a mouse.. Moreover, the presence of customers on social media also makes it very important for the travel companies to design their websites to engage their customers.The present study is original as that no other study in the knowledge of researchers have tried to study the impact of website features on consumer engagement and the impact of online consumer engagement on purchase intentions for travel.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 2788-2794