Database Of Precedents For Technological Processes Of Internal Combustion Engines Parts

Almaz Kharisovich Tazmeev, Lenar Ajratovich Galiullin

The article describes the creation of a decision-making system for calculating alternative options, taking into account various indicators to increase the effectiveness of decisions at the stage of production preparation. To date, a number of criteria have been identified within the technological framework, some of which are calculated, and some are obtained by expert evaluation. Decision makers, as experts, have a subjective assessment, and the integral indicator often depends on their level of competence and professionalism. Therefore, it is necessary to create an automated system that allows for the selection of the optimal technological route from a number of alternative ones, taking into account various indicators and reduces the error of this choice. In these systems, the problem is solved in the design of technological processes for creating optimal technological processes according to one criterion or in aggregate at a certain stage, or particular tasks: predicting the reliability of the technological process, reducing the consumption of material for the manufacture of one part, synchronization of operations in piece time, the multiplicity of periods of resistance of the cutting tool, minimum transport movements of the part in the manufacturing process.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 2795-2797