Demonstration Of Low Pressure Discharge Plasma Diagmagnetism

Kurenshchikov A.V, Kudryashov V.I, Karpunin V.V.

The specificity of the lecture material “Magnetic Properties of Plasma”, the difficulty of its understanding by students make it urgent to improve existing demonstration experiments and to set up new ones. The article discusses the setting up of a demonstration experiment using a discharge lamp, the multifunctionality of which allowed them to be widely used in a training experiment technique. The mechanism of low-pressure plasma diamagnetism occurrence is considered in detail, and a facility is presented to demonstrate the phenomenon of gasdischarge plasma diamagnetism. It is proposed to record the attenuation of the electromagnetic field by plasma (diamagnetic effect) according to the change of voltage at the output of two inductively coupled circuits, inside of which there is a discharge tube of a fluorescent lamp. The installation diagram and demonstration methodology are given.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 2805-2809